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 [SC7E52]UnknownX and Simon's Rewinds Pro Edit v2

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[SC7E52]UnknownX and Simon's Rewinds Pro Edit v2 Empty
PostSubject: [SC7E52]UnknownX and Simon's Rewinds Pro Edit v2   [SC7E52]UnknownX and Simon's Rewinds Pro Edit v2 EmptyMon Jul 23, 2012 12:29 pm

Tlpwnzer: BASE and SCRIPTING the original
Nity:Some Scripts Used
Simon:Edit v1.2
**any others correct me on**

-may freeze on certain maps
(just use nuketown that one works)
-might get a transmission error on start match 
if so just retry starting the match
-if you have players in a match with you and u spawn
a bot it might lag
thats about it any others notify me in a pm and ill fix and reupload

what i added
XP lobby infect
6 Option Mini Menu
5 Option Mini Menu
4 Option Mini Menu
Infection pack 1
Infection pack 2
Mod Stats/Level [gives 15th, lvl 50, and mods stats]

Basic Additions
Online Match
Private Match
Colorized Menu
Took Text Out to prevent lag and kicking
Admin Status set to Leet example [Status: Leet]

download link:

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[SC7E52]UnknownX and Simon's Rewinds Pro Edit v2
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